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I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work … I want to achieve it through not dying

— Woody Allen

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ORCID: 0000-0003-3146-5401

[Engineering Simulations] [Narrating Complexity] [Computational Matter] [UCNC 2018] [Inspired by Nature] [Natural Computing xx(x) special issue] [Phil.Trans.A 373(2046) special issue] [Artificial Life 22(4) special issue] [ECAL 2015 Late Breaking Papers] [ECAL 2015] [Natural Computing 14(1) special issue] [CoSMoS 2015] [CoSMoS 2014] [Natural Computing 12(4) special issue] [CoSMoS 2013] [Natural Computing 11(3) special issue] [CoSMoS 2012] [CoSMoS 2011] [Natural Computing 10(1) special issue] [CoSMoS 2010] [CoSMoS 2009] [CoSMoS 2008] [CPA 2008] [IJUC 4(3) special issue] [Unconventional Computing 2007] [IJUC 3(3) special issue] [UC 2006] [IJUC 1(3) special issue] [Z in Practice] [Analysing Systems] [High Integrity Compilation] [Object Orientation in Z]

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