Potential PhD Projects

I am happy to discuss projects in the general area of real-time systems. However I have specific interests in:

  • Mixed-Criticality Scheduling - Most of the work to date has considered situations where absolute guarantees about the WCET is known at the higher-criticality levels and that it is acceptable to completely lose lower-criticality services during a recovery period. I would be interested in supervising work that relaxes these assumptions.
  • Timing Analysis - Probabilistic timing analysis is a growing area of work. I would be interested in supervising work that deals with using search-based timing analysis to give confidence in the results.
  • Task Allocation - My previous work on task allocation has largely considered single criticality systems including how to produce maintainable systems. I would be interested in supervising work that extends this work to balance the flexibility that having mixed-criticality gives the designer whilst still ensuring the system meets its requirements and is still maintainable.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks - Wireless sensor networks are used in a wide range of applications, many of which are dependable in nature. Most existing work is intended to increase the dependability but much less is focussed on how this is ensured. I would be interested in methods for ensuring the system is safe, providing evidence that the resulting system is safe, and how the information from the system can be used in the context of wider safety-critical systems, e.g. making decisions about care pathways for health-related systems.